Tourism Campaign
Collaboration with Leon Pham
DC is full of life and culture and there are many events there that people living in the area might not know about. The objective of this project was to create an advertising campaign for one of the events in DC. Me and my partner chose the Chocolate Festival as I am a huge fan of chocolate and was shocked to discover it exists and I never heard about it. We want the campaign to match the elegance and beauty of chocolate. We chose to go with a vintage, sophisticated look. The main element being the illustration of chocolate in its different forms with a simple layout.
What exactly is a Whangdoodle? The answer remains elusive, wrapped in myth and mystery. Within the limited descriptions available, this campaign captures the essence of the mythical creature. Through the posters, you’re invited to immerse yourself in the whimsical world of "Where the Whangdoodle Sings," where imagination knows no bound. Let curiosity guide you to a theatrical experience like no other, where the magic of the Whangdoodle awaits.
Cost To Convenience
Social media, once a platform for human connection, now seems dominated by marketing rather than genuine interactions. The subtle shift towards disguised advertising, especially targeting the impressionable youth, raises concerns. The ease of purchasing, with saved information and swift shipping, fuels impulsive buying. My campaign urges awareness of the hidden environmental costs tied to convenience. By shedding light on the consequences, the goal is to inspire mindful reflection before each purchase, promoting a more thoughtful and sustainable consumer approach.
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